Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Below are some pics of the colors I used for this look. By the way, the Coastal Scents shadows are amazing. They blend so nicely. The almost have a creamy quality to them. The shimmer color S05 consistency is the same as the Starflash colors from MAC if your familiar with those. The purple color "Fashion Groupie" and the lighter pink "Grand Entrance are both Starflash colors from MAC.

Hope you enjoyed this look :)

MAC Grease Paint Pencil - V
MAC Eyeshadow - Fashion Groupie
Coastal Scents Shadow - S05
MAC Eyeshadow - Grand Entrance
Coastal Scents Eyeshadow - M17
Stila Smudge Pot - Violet
MAC Blush Ombre - Springshine
MAC Mineralized Blush - Sun & Moon
MAC Lipstick - Blooming Lovely
MAC Lipglass - English Accents

TOP: MAC Grand Entrance, Coastal Scents M17
BOTTOM: MAC Fashion Groupie, Coastal Scents S05

Stila Smudge Pot - Violet

MAC Blush Ombre - Sprinshine

MAC Mineralized Blush - Sun & Moon

Monday, March 22, 2010


ORLY describes this collection as vibrant, candy-inspired pastels and they are that and more. On their website ORLY claims that the nail lacquers are DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene free. Now I'm not sure what that means in terms of making the polishes better or worse or more environmentally friendly, but I guess it's good to know otherwise they probably wouldn't have stated it, lol. I love love love ORLY Polishes and I will be doing some more blogging on my favorite ORLY colors as well as their nail care products, but my favorite thing about ORLY products is the rubber grip handle. You really have so much more control when using the wand. The brush applicator is long and pretty thin, compared to OPI and I feel like you can get a more precise application around the edges of the cuticle.

Now I haven't used these particular colors on my nails yet and I just painted these plastic tips for my bog, but I was like WOW! The formula is sooo creamy and I really think that I could have gotten away with one coat. I know these pics aren't the greatest. (I need a new camera for pics really bad) anyway, I did not put a top coat on them and they are very shiney. I would use a top coat anyway just to insure that the polish lasted as long as possible and that they stayed shiney.. I know that these matte nail polishes are really "in " right now, but I think it looks horrible. It just looks like an old paint job or like you didn't have time to finish your manicure. Not my opinion.

Oh also, they have a little mini lip gloss attached to each color...too cute! THESE ARE LIMITED ADDITION!! SO GET GO GET UM QUICK!

Color Names from left to right.. (I'm missing PixiStixs, they were sold out)
Cotton Candy, Lollipop, Lemonade, Snowcone & Gumdrop

What do you think of these colors and what are your fav's for summer?

Thursday, March 18, 2010


These are a few shades of the Sally Girl Mini Polishes that I really love. They have 72 shades to choose from and the formula is really good and they're only 99 cents! I find that with a lot of these trendy colors that you are probably not going to use a full bottle of nail polish making these mini's ideal. I know that I have seen similar colors from China Glaze, Opi and Orly. If your on a budget and you really want to buy more than just one of the new colors for summer this might be the perfect alternative. The only little thing that I don't like is that there is no name of the colors on the bottles.